Saturday, 23 October 2010


     A welcome break down Dartmouth way.  What a great place.  Always nice to dip in and see how the other twentieth live.  Shazz, Dill and I stayed at the warm and welcome Brown's Hotel, (  where great food was had in just the right surroundings.  The best sirloin steak I have had in ages, home made taramasalata, serrano ham, well priced vino and great calamari fritti to name a few of the table side highlights.  Big thanks to old friend, manager Robin Tozer.
     Dartmouth has so much to offer a food lover.  Of course it has been well known for JBR...thank Christ he has finally disappeared.  The most hated man in the culinary world.  I had a megabucks crap meal there years ago.  But enough chef bashing.  Just stay away from most one starred joints!  Ok, ok...we'll discuss all that some other time.  Places not to be missed- The Seahorse, (Superbly simple fine dining from Mitch Tonks.  Had a memorable evening there years ago at- 'An evening with Fergus Henderson.'  Of course Hix was in attendance and the booze made it all blurry towards the end.) Saveur Bakery, Rockfish, Anzac Bistro, countless stylish and inviting coffee shops...we'll explore more next time down.  It is no secret I am a fan of a more rustic, real cuisine.  The older I get the less I wanna play with my food, man.  So we hit Rockfish for an early lunch.  The wife and I are serious novices at the whole dining out with baby thing so it was with some trepidation that we clambered up into the the narrow corridor of this most posh of chippies.  We needn't have worried.  Warm staff sorted it all out for us and Dill was fast asleep anyhoo.  A big thanks to the manageress that clocked and comped two terrible bellinis, (Well...I wanted to see if a chippie could handle it.)  The food was spot on if a little pricey for certain items.  The only complaint being that the chips were a bit fusty.  Possibly they were cut in water too long pre frying?  Lashings of vinegar and salt nearly solved the problem.  I just love the whole concept of the place.  A child friendly yet posh and stylish chippie.  Tonks, yer a genius and this one is gonna go all the way to the bank.  Location, location, location.
     A note to the chef on duty:  We actually had to leave because I just couldn't take it anymore!  It was like watching Gordan Ramsay doing an episode of Kitchen Nightmares at Fawlty Towers.  I really wanted to dive in there and help you, man.  I mean, how dare the EHO take over your kitchen and extract you from a full restaurant lunch service.  Two young pups that must have just got their certs, all gung ho and out to save the world from nothing at all.  First of all, I have never seen two go in before.  One standing there at your pass like a plank, the other a complete spanner in the works of your service.  Shazz had to firmly tell me that I absolutely could not go and tell them to piss out of chef's way.  They wouldn't have got in my kitchen at that time of day, old boy.  Anyway, rant over.  No, I do not have any problem with the EHO...but there is a time and a place.

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