Saturday, 9 October 2010

Chefs & Blogs

     Ok, so here goes.  I have entered the ether and what can I possibly say?  My views on blogs, blogging and bloggers, (blogeurs?) has been low to nil to say the least.  A slight tacky sensation would film the roof of my mouth in a similar manner to some over reduced veal glace when confronted with this new fangled 'tinternet' thingy.  Heaven forbid I come across like Julie...heaven forbid I get stuck to my computer rather than a stove...heaven forbid I start caring whether anyone is reading this.  Regardless, here I am.  First and foremost I am a chef, (more on that later) increasingly I am a food photographer and food writer.  For many years I have had a regular feature in Exeter Living and Salisbury Life magazines.  I have had free reign and no editing from a great guy who has moved on.  New editor, new rules.  I am sure this is for the best, for as you will find out...I do go on.  This change of the guard has been my spur.  At the mere whiff of a cursory curtailment I demand an unfiltered forum to spill my guts about spilling guts or wherever else my food journey may take me.  I look forward to banking an archive of all my anorak-ish thoughts on food and the people and places that get my chef's blood pumping.  Off to pick some ceps.

Everything for a reason, everything in season.


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